Our Story

Good food is made of originality and superior quality. Chicky Bunch is reputed of both. Nestled in the heart of beautiful Abu Dhabi, Chicky Bunch offers heartwarming cuisines of Arabian, Indian, Philippine and Chinese origins. Our wide range of interesting marinades and unique blends are characterized by exceptional herbs and exclusive spices, ensuring the dishes cultivate and preserve the ultimate aroma and bring flavor to their appetizing peak.
Our motto being maximizing value for money we ensure that we use only fresh ingredients in every preparation. Furthermore, we opt for pressure frying methods to endure the use of very little oil.

What’s more, Chicky Bunch houses amazing vibes and an ambiance that will create comfort of dining through cheerful staff and adventurous chefs, ready to serve dishes made with panache for freshness and taste. And the excitement does not end here. You can complement your delicious meal with a pot of streaming tea or a dessert to end on a sweet note, for sure